About The Canadian Path

The Canadian Path program is the way Scouting is done in Canada. Developed by Scouts Canada, this well-rounded program offers youth aged 5 to 26 an opportunity to experience new things, to have more adventures, and to develop into confident and capable individuals better prepared for success in the world.

From Beaver Scouts to Rover Scouts, The Canadian Path brings Scouting back to its roots by using the Scout Method as its basis; this method was first introduced by Lord Baden-Powell, founder of the Scout Movement.

Canadian Path FAQ

Have questions on how best to transition to The Canadian Path? Visit the Canadian Path FAQ on the Online Support Centre.

Canadian Path FAQ

Components of The Path

The Canadian Path is comprised of several components:

  • A non-formal approach to learning
  • The seven components of the Scout Method
  • The Four Elements: Youth-led, Plan-Do-Review, Adventure and SPICES (the six attributes Scouting aims to foster: Social, Physical, Intellectual, Character, Emotional and Spiritual)
  • A balanced program in six Program Areas: Environment & Outdoors, Leadership, Active & Healthy Living, Citizenship, Creative Expression and Beliefs & Values
  • A personal journey of growth

Canadian Path Resources

The Canadian Path program is supported by a wide variety of resources, many of which you can find on this site.

In order to promote interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) among Scouting youth, Scouts Canada has created an exciting variety of STEM adventures. These program opportunities are specially designed to be age-appropriate for Scouts Canada’s various Sections.

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