The Four Elements of The Canadian Path

The Canadian Path is defined by its four key elements:

Youth-led: The program is directed by its youth members—not the Scouters.

Plan-Do-Review: A three-step process informs all activities in the Canadian Path program.

Adventure: Scouts explore new things, share new ideas, learn new skills and create new paths.

SPICES: Social, Physical, Intellectual, Character, Emotional and Spiritual are the six dimensions of personal development for the Canadian Path program.


What do YOU want to experience?

Right from the start, Lord Baden-Powell’s vision for Scouting was of a program in which the youth took responsibility for their activities and adventures. Scouts play the most important role within their Sections, and Scouters need to give them the opportunity to step up and run the program.

Youth decide what activities they want to do, what adventures they want to undertake and what challenges they wish to give themselves. Youth bring their own ideas and interests to the mix to create adventures in all six Program Areas so that the program truly becomes their own.

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Youth-led - What If?


Create YOUR Path!

All Scouts are involved in the planning process—brainstorming, making suggestions and providing input about the Program Areas they are interested in.

Everyone is involved in the planned activities and all youth are engaged and challenged in ways appropriate to their abilities.

It’s important to include Review as part of the process of Scout activities, so Scouts can learn how to reflect upon their involvement and to determine how to revise or enhance future activities.

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YOUR Adventure starts now!

Our youth have been asking for some new meaningful experiences, things that they will not experience at school. Let’s help them get out and have those adventures.

The image of youth exploring in the wilderness is one of the first ideas that springs to mind when thinking about Scouting. It’s what many members of Scouting love about the program, and it’s what compels a lot of people to come see what Scouting has to offer them.

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Start your Path with SPICES!

The SPICES concept gives the Scouts Canada program a useful framework to ensure well-rounded program offerings.

At each Section level, Scouters use The Canadian Path to support youth development and growth in each of the following areas: Social, Physical, Intellectual, Character, Emotional, and Spiritual.

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