Welcome to the Pond!

As Beaver Scouts, you get to discover your world by exploring the Pond. You will use a map of the Pond and the forest around it to discover new areas and explore!

Visit each area on the map, and think of what kinds of adventures you can have in each different place. Beavers are a creative bunch, and you will love sharing ideas with your friends!

Your adventures can take you camping, hiking, playing games and even having campfires! You will make great new friends along the way.

Summer Adventure

Summertime in Canada offers all kinds of great activities that aren’t available in the other seasons — so what adventures is your Section doing this summer? Now’s the time to start thinking about what summer adventures your Section would like to pursue! Don’t wait too long — some of your favourite parks and camps are already getting booked up.

Start your summer planning

Beaver Colony Section Snapshot

The Pond at a Glance – This two-page snapshot overview of the Beaver Scout Section introduces parents and new Scouters to the fun that happens at the Pond! It covers everything from the uniform to the Pond Map, and includes links to tonnes of great resources.

Beaver Scouts Snapshot

Beaver Scout Camping

Beaver Scouts recently celebrated 40 years of Scouting!

This isn’t the only news for our youngest Section; in an effort to harmonize many items in our policies, a decision was taken to make camping more accessible for Beaver Scouts. We aim to ensure that all of our members receive the best possible Scouting experience. Getting Beavers outdoors is a must. The Scouting Adventure starts in Beaver Scouts! Finally!

Lots of Colonies get Beaver-aged youth out family camping, so what exactly is new? Our goal is to enable Beavers to go camping without their parents. Some Beavers won’t be quite ready for a night away from home, while others will be very excited about their first camping adventure. Both reactions are to be expected. This guide will provide you with some helpful tips to give Beavers Scouts, their parents and Scouters amazing new experiences.

Let’s get our Beavers OUTSIDE! Here is a collection of easy tips to keep our Beaver Scouts safe and to make our camping trips the experiences we know they should be.

Download the Beaver Scout Camping Booklet