Scouts Canada Scholarship Program

The Scouts Canada Scholarship Program provides financial support to members of Scouts Canada entering or continuing in full-time studies at Canadian Universities or Colleges.

All recipients are motivated youth who, with the help of their Scouting experiences have demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities and a desire to create a better world. As they progress through life, these skills will be carried with them as they become successful adults in the community. Scouts Canada sees this scholarship program as an investment in the lives of the future leaders of tomorrow.

Scouts Canada is pleased to award 21 scholarships of up to $5,000. Amongst these 21 scholarships are special awards that are presented in specific categories including:

The Calgary/Chinook Scout Foundation Scholarship
The Larry Fox Memorial Scholarship
Bob and June Wright Memorial Scholarship
The BP Guild Scholarship
Camp Opemikon Returning Staff Scholarship
Young Citizens Foundation Scholarship Young Citizens Foundation Logo

* The application process is the same for all scholarships. It is up to the adjudication to award the various scholarships in the specific categories.

How to Apply For a Scholarship

Each year a minimum of 17 scholarships are awarded. An individual may only receive one award. Awards are not renewable. Applicants must not have reached their 26th birthday on January 1 of the year in which they apply.

All applicants must complete the application form and compose a statement, no more than 200 words, on the value of Scouting in your life. Applicants must also provide two letters of reference (only one from within Scouting).

Candidates will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated Scouting history, involvement and achievement;
  • Leadership contributions to Scouting;
  • Community leadership and contributions outside of Scouting;
  • Scholastic achievements up to the time of application;
  • Attitude and aptitude

A scholarship will be awarded only after Scouts Canada has received adequate notice that the applicant has been accepted by the institution of study. Scholarship funds will be forwarded to the institution to be applied firstly against tuition costs. If the applicant withdraws from the institution, the remaining monies will be returned to Scouts Canada.

Recipients are expected to continue involvement with Scouts Canada to every extent possible, and must be a currently active and registered member of Scouts Canada.

Recipients must agree to have their names and photographs published in conjunction with the award, and with any promotion of the awards.


Download the Application Form, fill it in and mail with all necessary documents to:

Scouts Canada Scholarships
1345 Baseline Road
Ottawa, ON K2C 0A7

All applications must be postmarked no later than May 1st to be eligible.

2016 Recipients

Name Prov. Amount Scholarship
Samantha B. ON $1,000 Scouts Canada Foundation Scholarship
William B. NB $1,000 Scouts Canada Foundation Scholarship
Alexandria B. BC $1,000 The B.P. Guild Scholarship
Brad B. ON $5,000 Young Citizens Foundation Scholarship
Alexander C. ON $1,000 The Larry Fox Memorial Scholarship
Johanne D. ON $1,000 Opemikon Staff Scholarship
Zachary D. NB $1,000 Scouts Canada Foundation Scholarship
Mark G. ON $1,000 Opemikon Staff Scholarship
Edward H. BC $4,000 Peter Richmond Binet Scholarship
Ethan K. BC $1,000 Scouts Canada Foundation Scholarship
Jared L. BC $1,000 Scouts Canada Foundation Scholarship
Joseph L. BC $1,000 Scouts Canada Foundation Scholarship
Emily L. AB $1,000 The Chinook Scholarship
Robin M. ON $1,000 The Bob & June Wright Memorial Scholarship
Jason M. BC $1,000 Scouts Canada Foundation Scholarship
Heather M. AB $1,000 The Chinook Scholarship
Emma M. ON $1,000 The B.P. Guild Scholarship
Reagan M. AB $1,000 Scouts Canada Foundation Scholarship
Matthew R. BC $1,000 Scouts Canada Foundation Scholarship
Kyle W. NB $1,000 Scouts Canada Foundation Scholarship
Eric W. BC $1,000 Scouts Canada Foundation Scholarship